Podinar: Mindfulness Coaching with Steve Romano April 2019

over 3 years agoApril 27, 2019
with guest Dr. Steve Romano
Executive Coach, Managing Director of Olistica and the Center for Sustainable Leadership

Join Steve Romano and Alison Whitmire, president of Learning in Action, for discussion and Q&A around mindfulness coaching, and how a proven methodology for this expansive way of operating is critical for 21st century leaders and coaches.

This podinar (interactive podcast+webinar) covers these types of topics:
- What Being and Awareness is, and the results they produce
- What meditation is and can be - and it includes more than you think, and is easier and quicker than you know.
- The Six-Point Transformational Coaching Model

You will leave with tools and new ideas of how you can use Mindfulness Coaching to help your coachees to experience a new level of leadership that leads to deeper, more transformative change.
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