Podinar: Life of an Emotion with guest Dr. Irvine Nugent June 2019

THE LIFE OF AN EMOTION ~ From Trigger to Response with guest Dr. Irvine Nugent Irvine Nugent is a behavior analysis expert, speaker, and trainer who specializes in helping leaders reach the next level.

Join Irvine Nugent and moderator Alison Whitmire, president of Learning in Action, for discussion and Q&A around preparing coachees to anticipate and prepare for emotional triggers, and to more fully facilitate transformative change in others.

This podinar (interactive podcast+webinar) will cover topics like these: - How to help your coachees choose a significant incident and chart the life cycle of its related emotion on a timeline (real-time demo included) - How to coach to rewind the incident and replay it with the ending of coachees’ choice to facilitate their ability to have choices in future situations

You will leave with a new skillset and exercises to bring to your coachees.